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Director's Notes

I saw Shakespearealism 8 years ago at the Old Fitzroy Hotel and it knocked my socks off. To this day, it’s still the funniest show I’ve ever seen.

The play starts with a hastily thrown together play reading on the Globe Stage. It is a new play by Ralph Shakespeare (William’s fictional brother). Only trouble is that Ralph is 400 years ahead of his time. The plot unravels into chaos, dismantling Ralph’s artistic ideals with it. As it implodes, it reveals the joy, the pain and the absurdity of a life in the theatre - both in Shakespeare’s time and our own.

I’m so excited to be giving the play a new life in an alfresco setting. It’s a perfect festival show – more akin to the experience Ralph might have had if one of his plays had ever made it to the Globe stage…

Josh is a wonderfully funny and frightfully clever writer. He anchors his comedy with a kind of naturalism and psychological truth, which bubbles and fizzes with detailed eccentricity. His characters in Shakespearealism remind me of the work of Sacha Goldberger – a brilliant artist who combines the meticulous detail of Flemish classical portraiture with pop culture. For example, he paints Star Wars characters in Elizabethan costumes, as though they were sitting for portraits in the 17th century.

If anything was missing from this delicious sponge cake of a play on Elizabethan theatre, it was the proverbial cherry on top that women could not play women on stage. So we’ve thrown that into the mix and I’m so thankful to Josh for jumping on board with it.

Shakespearealism is a brief yet unforgettable theatrical teaser. The comedy is absurd, but it is grounded within a story that has the potential to move us: the struggling artist seeking to be valued and understood.

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"Lawson’s writing aptly targets audiences who are relatively familiar with theatrical tropes of Shakespeare’s era, as well as the modern phenomenon of realism…and the writing is very, very funny. However anyone with the slightest knowledge should be able to engage with the comedy through the life and physical comedy breathed into the text by Schebesta’s direction."
"... the comedy is a delicious roast of bad actors, worse scripts and every other cliche in the book. Come early and don’t miss it."

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