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"So many parallels and such richness in the play, the performances and the production. It is mesmerising, harrowing and will stay in your mind and heart long after it’s over. "
"Sport For Jove’s The Crucible is a piece of theatre that engages the audience from the start and does not let go. It is the perfect example of an ensemble performance. The individuals working hard to ensure each part adds to the final picture. It was an outstanding theatrical experience."
"While the entire cast should be commended on what was an exceptional performance, special mention needs to be made of Julian Garner as John Proctor. His tortured portrayal of a man fighting against his beliefs and his own guilt is harrowing."
"With dust kicked up from the bare boards, candle smoke and a manufactured cloudburst, this is a spare and frequently immersing production"

Cast & Crew


Mary Warren
John Proctor
Susanna Walcott
Judge Thomas Danforth
Thomas Putnam / Francis Nurse
Betty Parris
Mercy Lewis
Putnam Girl
Giles Corey
Abigail Williams
Elizabeth Proctor
Reverend Hale
Reverend Parris
Tituba / Rebecca Nurse / Ezekiel Cheever
Ann Putnam/Marshall Herrick


Production Design Assistant
Lighting Designer
Stage Manager
Assistant Director
Stage Manager
Acting ASM
Acting ASM
The Crucible Play | Sport For Jove


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