Return season of The Crucible | Sport for Jove

Damien Ryan’s award-winning production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible returns to Bella Vista Farm and the Seymour Centre for a limited season this March.

A masterpiece of 20th century drama, The Crucible is a parable about the Salem Witch Trials that blends historical records with the metaphor of the McCarthy inquiry into communism that Miller was living through at the time of writing. It shines a spotlight on the hysteria and paranoia at the heart of both investigations.

The production played to rave reviews, sold out audiences and standing ovations in 2014-15. This revival offers audiences in either venue a rare, immersive and immensely detailed vision of the play. At Bella Vista Farm, you enter Salem itself, an extraordinary visual and temporal experience using the house, forest, grounds, and haunted sheds of a 200-year-old estate in Sydney. A remarkable lived experience of one of the world’s greatest plays.

At the York Theatre in the Seymour Centre, on the thrust stage, playing in the round, lit by fire, an exceptional cast turns the heat up on these famous characters in a story that means as much to us today as it did in the McCarthyist era that hurt Miller into writing it.

All tickets $28

6-9 March 2019

Seymour Centre


15-23 March 2019

Bella Vista Farm



Return season of The Crucible | Sport for Jove


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