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"Every school should have a SHAKESPEARE CARNIVAL!
There’s a swimming carnival, an athletics carnival – let’s have an arts carnival too."


Sport for Jove’s Shakespeare Carnival is now launching for Primary Schools as well!

Giving primary school students the chance to dance and act – to challenge themselves, learn and grow and win fabulous prizes.

Connects to many learning areas
The program can fit well within the classroom as part of [and a thrilling conclusion to] a unit of work, and create an exciting atmosphere of artistic vibrancy, raising the profile of art-based subjects in the school community.

Artistic, Academic and Personal Development
Your students can develop their own pieces in a range of categories and perform at School, Regional and State levels, improving confidence and literacy, building their ability to collaborate, introducing them to Shakespeare’s stories and language in a fun and playful program that develops skills and abilities that are artistic, academic and personal.

For 2019 the categories are

Ensemble Scene

Group Devised / Mash Up


Incredible Prizes

Winners of their School Carnival will have the chance to attend our Regional Carnivals – experience our workshops and get insight from our judging teams.

Winners at Regional Carnival will be given the chance to enjoy a masterclass run by Sport for Jove’s Carnival team of industry professionals to help them develop their skills in preparation for representing their school at the State Carnival.

Winners at the State Carnival will be crowned with our trophy crowns, a regal trophy to be displayed at their school for the year. They will be given a ‘winner’s ring’ to permanently acknowledge their achievement.

The winners at State Carnival will also gain a ‘victory masterclass’ for their class from Sport for Jove’s acclaimed artistic team.

The Primary Shakespeare Carnival takes place over Term 1 and has finals early in Term 2

Primary School Carnival - by the end of first term or the first week of term 2 – May 3rd
Primary Regional Carnival – The week of May 13th – 17th
Primary State Carnival – May 27th

Register Your School for the Shakespeare Carnival Online

2019 Online Shakespeare Carnival registration available HERE – it saves paper and saves the planet!

What do you get for your Registration?
Registration gets you:
- a full set of guidelines outlining each category and answering FAQs
- a set of marking sheets to help you assess each entry in your School Shakespeare Carnival on the same basis used at higher levels
- How-to sheets to help you and your students develop their work
- a poster to print off and plaster around you school to promote the event
- a blank certificate to acknowledge and award to each participant in your school
- advise from Sport for Jove on how to organise and run your School Carnival
- the opportunity to host a Regional Carnival and have the ‘home theatre’ advantage
- the opportunity to have a Skype call between your students and the Shakespeare Carnival so they can ask questions, get inspired and seek advice or feedback
- the opportunity for your school to send representatives to the Regional Shakespeare Carnival in your area and from there the chance to attend the State Shakespeare Carnival weekend.

Student Associate Membership 

Students performing at a Regional Shakespeare Carnival need to register as Associate Members, the registration form is HERE.

How-to guide

If you'd like some advice on how to help your students with their Shakespeare Carnival entry this How-to Guide will give you plenty of options and ideas. 

You can down load the How-to Guide for Primary Teachers here

and there are plenty of additional resources discussed in the guide below:

Statue Story Explained
Macbeth Statue Story Example
A Midsummer Night's Dream Statue Story Example
Knife and Fork Explained
Exploding Telephone Explained
Shakespeare's Insults Explained
Shakespearean Insult Generator

Scenes to work on

Here are some scenes for Duologues and Ensemble Scenes - but they are also perfect for people to start their Dance, Movement and Group Devised/Mash Up.

Feel free to edit them further if you wish to reduce the length or use your own scenes if there is one you're really keen to explore - please get in touch if you'd like help with that process.

2 person scenes - perfect for Duologue, Dance and/or Movement

As You Like It Act 3 Scene 2 

Hamlet Act 3 Scene 1

Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4

Macbeth Act 2 Scene 2

Much Ado About Nothing Act 1 Scene 1

3+ person scenes - perfect for Ensemble Scenes, Group Devised/Mash Up, Dance and/or Movement

A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 3 Scene 1

A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 3 Scene 2

As You Like It Act 3 Scene 5

Hamlet Act 1 Scene 1

Hamlet Act 3 Scene 2

Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1

The Tempest Act 1 Scene 1

The Tempest Act 2 Scene 2

Shakespeare Carnival Guidelines

Download 2019 Primary Shakespeare Carnival guidelines HERE.

Participation Certificate

Download this certificate to give to every bold student who creates an entry for The Shakespeare Carnival at your school. You can use mail merge to 'populate' each of the fields from an excel list so that you don't have to type them in by hand. Download HERE.


Download your own copy of the 2019 Shakespeare Carnival poster HERE.

Contact us
For further details and support in getting a Shakespeare Carnival at your school email us on:

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