Education | 2018 Education Season

Welcome to Sport For Jove's 2018 Education season, our most extensive and complete education season yet.


2017 was a big year for Sport For Jove and its education program, delivering high quality theatrical productions and in-depth symposiums of key syllabus text to thousands of students from across New South Wales.  In 2018 we are looking to provide our most extensive coverage yet, with more HSC Symposiums, more shows, and Sport For Jove’s Shakespeare Slam! is back for another year. The SFJ Shakespeare Slam! is an encompassing essential Performance Study Guide for students and teachers of Shakespeare across all age groups and a wide range of curriculum texts running from May to June 2017. This year’s program features exceptional live productions that are a must-see for students of the plays or young people being introduced to Shakespeare for the first time from a company with a peerless reputation for re-imagining Shakespeare’s classics; including remounts of our acclaimed productions of  Macbeth, The Tempest and a new production from Artistic Director Damien Ryan A Midsummer Night's Dream.


The Slam also features our acclaimed HSC Symposiums, a combination of critical analysis and theatrical experience is the essence of the NSW HSC Syllabus, and this year we’ll be covering Hamlet, The Tempest, Julius Caesar, Richard III, Henry IV and The Crucible.  New this year, we are introducting a new symposium for all ages... the Production Elements Symposium.  Discover the technical and design elements in Sport For Jove’s new production A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a special new symposium – a must for Drama and VET Entertainment students! See the full production of ‘Midsummer’ and then journey behind the scenes exploring what is involved in creating theatre magic; learn about the artistic decisions and processes involved with putting the production together. This symposium will introduce you to the technical and production elements of the show including costume, lighting, staging and more.


In addition, Sport For Jove is presenting 2 incredible full length theatrical productions...


In August, For those who have not read Moby Dick in years or have never wet their feet, it is an example of the very greatest poetry ever put to paper – exquisitely playful, funny, barbaric, soul-shunting and desperate. To see it on stage is a miracle of theatricality, the power of the spoken word, and the skill of the actor – an adventure where poetry is the captain and all of us the ocean. Director Adam Cook brings Orson Welles ingenious adaptation of Moby Dick to the stage for Sport for Jove in 2018.


A World Premiere, Ear to the Edge of Time is the product of an extraordinary odyssey of discovery and exploration for one of Australia’s greatest contemporary playwrights, Alana Valentine. The play is the winner of the fifth STAGE International Script Competition and was developed and supported, in part, through the University of California, Santa Barbara’s STAGE project and Professional Artists Lab (Nancy Kawalek, Director) and the California NanoSystems Institute.



Returning in 2018, The Shakespeare Residency program is an experience for students in any year group, investigating Shakespeare's plays, world, characters and language through action. Straight onto the stage with professional actors and directors, the students learn through doing and understanding, engaging in fresh and highly accessible ways. Staff, parents and the whole school community are brought together to celebrate a performance showcase, fuelled by a wealth of discovery about the value and beauty of these plays.  See an example of the residency in action in this video here...




And finally, the annual Shakespeare Carnival returns for its 3rd incredible season in 2018. The Shakespeare Carnival gives students the chance to develop their own pieces in a range of categories and perform at School, Regional and State levels, mentored by professional artists, gaining unparalleled insight and experience with these great plays; with the opportunity to take part in a statewide showcase and ensemble production. More details are available HERE.



In addition, Sport For Jove offers various opportunities for incursions that are tailored to your school's specific needs.  From workshops, symposiums and Sport For Jove and their educators are well positioned to deliver valuable and unique experiences for your students.  Email us at with any questions you may have.  New opportunities for 2018 include, veteran improvisers The Post-Haste Players (Bard to the Bone, The Post-Haste Histories, Romeo & Juliet- Improvised!) joining with SFJ to present a unique and customisable workshop exploring the conventions, characters & language of Shakespeare through improvisation. The 2 hour program can be delivered as a lecture/ workshop, including a performance, and is a wonderful way to introduce students to Shakespeare’s creativity and continued cultural relevance.



Sport For Jove Theatre would like to acknowledge our company sponsor and partnership with The Seymour Centre & thank them for their contributions in supporting our education program for 2018.


To learn more about Sport For Jove's program for 2018, download the digital brochure below and read on!