Tony Taylor | Biography

His first Shakespeare role  was Puck when he was nine. Since then he has tried to get the following roles as right as possible. Varius in The Winters Tale; Mistress Quickly and The Grave Digger for Stand Up For Shakespeare at the Wharf; Touchstone for Nimrod;  Dromio of Syracuse for The Sydney Theatre Company and Westmoreland, Stephano, Corin and Adam for Bell Shakespeare. He once lay under a tree in the Botanical Gardens reciting Sonnet 91 twelve times to bemused tourists for The Globe Theatre. He sort of got it right by Take Twelve.

Associated Events: 
Lepidus, member of the Roman Triumvirate, Soothsayer / Scarus, an old Soldier / A rural fellow
Soothsayer / Lepidus, a senator / mob