Julian Garner | Biography

Julian is a NIDA graduate. Since then he has appeared in many professional productions in film, TV and theatre as well as short plays and poem readings for ABC radio. Some of his credits include the role of Sean in the critically acclaimed feature film Head On, and numerous guest roles on TV in such productions as Wildside, Water Rats, Home and Away, Murder Call, GP, White Collar Blue, McLeod’s Daughter's, Janet King and recently Jane Campion's Top Of The Lake 2. He has also appeared in US productions shot in Australia such as Sahara and Farscape. For 5 years Julian was a member of the Bell Shakespeare Company playing many roles around Australia, including Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Orsino in Twelth Night. Previously for Sport for Jove The Crucible, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado About Nothing and Cyrano de Bergerac. For the STC: Storm Boy and Arcadia, for Griffin Theatre Company: The Turquoise Elephant and for Red Line and Don't Look Away productions: Inner Voices.

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Le Bret / Chef / 2nd Poet
Edward II
John Proctor
Le Bret / Chef / 2nd Poet