Greg Fryer | Biography

Since appearing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2007, Greg has featured in several award-winning short films, features and TV programs including ‘The Circuit’, ‘The Sapphires’ ‘Corenderrk’, ‘The Coniston Massacre’, ‘The Gods of Wheat Street’, ‘Bruce’, ‘Seven Types of Ambiguity’, ‘Lawmakers/Lawbreakers’, ‘Mad as Hell’, ‘Dr Blake Murder Mysteries, ‘Wake In Fright’, ‘Red Billabong’, ‘House Husbands’, ‘Wentworth’ and Hamish & Andy's ‘True Story’. His theatre productions include– ‘The Birthday Party’ at MTC, ‘The Trustees’ at Malthouse Theatre and ‘Chopped Liver’ for Ilbijerri.

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