Georgia Hopkins | Biography

Georgia Hopkins graduated from NIDA in 2013. Recent credits include Fight With All Your Might The Zombies of Tonight, Moonchild (ATYP), The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, 80 Minutes No Interval, The House of Ramon Iglesia, (Old Fitz Theatre), Three Sisters (Sport for Jove), You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Rent, Dogfight (Hayes Theatre), A Man with Five Children (Darlinghurst Theatre Co), The Original Grease (Squabbalogic Theatre Co), MinusOneSister, The Dapto Chaser (Griffin Theatre), Redfern Talks Back, Creative Play Programs (Sydney Opera House), MEAT (Sunday Films), Pagliacci (Sydney Independent Opera), Book of Days (New Theatre).


Associated Events: 
Assistant Costume Designer
Set Designer