Ester Karuso-Thurn | Biography

Graduating from Design Centre Enmore in 2014, Ester has worked across theatre, screen and live production.

Her recent theatre design works include The Gulf (Lume Productions), Hero and Companion (Glorious Theatre Co.), The Complete Works of Shakespeare Adbridged (the Bindle Brothers) and Drift (Two Peas). Ester has worked as the design associate on Assassins (Hayes Theatre), set assistant on The Nether and seconded as a design assistant on The Blind Giant is Dancing (Belvoir).

Ester’s recent screen credits include costume designer for Aquarius Films music videos, Boilermakers and Elephant, production designer for the webseries Jade of Death, costume designer for webseries Unsynced, and as a design assistant on the GEFF funded children’s drama Sherbert Rosencrantz, You're Beautiful.
Ester has also been selected to take part in the Australian Production Designers Guild mentorship program.

Associated Events: 
Design Assistant
Production Designer - The Merchant of Venice