Abbie-lee Lewis | Biography

Abbie-lee Lewis grew up in rural Western Australia. In 2008 she graduated from the aboriginal theatre course at the Western Australian Academy of performing arts where she was cast in the short film Project Petey  .In 2009 she worked with  Yirra Yakkin theatre company touring  the educational play called talk it up by David Milroy. After graduating the Acting course at the Western Australian academy of performing arts in 2012 Abbie-lee moved to Sydney, after signing with Sue Muggleton from Camerons Management. While living in Sydney Abbie-lee has been furthering her acting studies. In 2013 she enrolled in the post graduate course at Bellshakspeare which allowed her to gain insight into the Australian national theatre company. In 2015 Abbie-lee was selected to participate in the Larry Moss Master class. The Larry Moss Master program was an insight into the Americans acting coaching process. In 2016 Abbie-lee toured with the player as Bellshakspeare educational program.

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